The Difference Between PowerTech Stainless Steel Boat Propellers and Piranha Composite Propellers

The Difference between PowerTech Stainless Steel Boat Propellers and Piranha Composite Propellers

PowerTech stainless steel boat propellers are among the fastest and strongest propellers on the market. These stainless steel propellers have been manufactured for over 34 years as a durable and secure propeller option.

Piranha composite propellers made in California, are a hybrid combination of strength and performance, making them an all-around, reliable propeller, that has been honored with the title of “best of props tested” by numerous magazines. Although not as strong or fast as PowerTech stainless steel propellers, they are a well-rounded option that is easily replaceable and very affordable.

Canada Propeller, a North American boat propeller specialist company that has been in business for over 20 years carries both the Powertech Stainless boat propellers and the Piranha propellers because each propeller has its own distinct set of advantages.

Powertech Stainless Boat Propellers

Powertech propellers have been widely manufactured and distributed since the 1980’s which has allowed them to grow and evolve with the boat propeller industry. Unsurpassed in their quality, each Powertech propeller is heavily invested in during the post-production effort to ensure leading edges are sharpened, the entire prop is detailed for material flaws, that blade height tolerances are verified, and that they are hand balanced.

Powertech stainless boat propellers are proven to be the fastest boat propellers, allowing for maximum performance. Because Powertech stainless propellers are also the strongest of all boat propellers, they do not require as much material, which means their blades can be thinner, allowing for the prop to turn easily within water. All unused horsepower is then applied to better performance shapes and heavier cupping.

The strength of stainless steel blades on Powertech propellers also means that they can easily cut underwater objects without damage and provide boat operators with more safety as well as peace of mind.

Piranha Composite Propellers

Piranha composite propellers were designed as an alternative to expensive stainless steel propellers and weak aluminum propellers. Piranha propellers are made of aluminum hub and advanced resin, nylon, and carbon fiber composite blades to ensure that the blades will not corrode or blister. If anything does happen, the piranha propellers come with a lifetime hub warranty, quick repair and repitch, and a factory direct blade exchange program.

Piranha composite propellers are also built with the latest technology in order to match the performance and reliability of stainless steel propellers, but at a lower cost.

Unlike stainless steel blades, Piranha propellers cannot always cut through underwater objects, many times the blades will absorb a hit, but even if the blades break, they are easy to replace within minutes. Even if a boat operator needs to replace three separate blades, the process is still cheaper than replacing a prop. This means, customers no longer have to constantly visit expensive propeller shops and can repair damaged blades on their own.

To learn more about the various boating propeller products and Piranha composite propellers made in California, visit Canada Propeller’s website at

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