Piranha propeller propulsion kit

Propulsion Kits

Propulsion kits are available for all applications.

While many boaters are familiar with the bodies of water they frequent, they can’t predict when they may hit a submerged object. In the unfortunate event that a boater does suffer an impact, a back-up plan is sure to prevent down time, a ruined day on the water, and a lot of frustration. With this in mind, Piranha created the Propulsion Kit. This kit is designed to give a boater the security of a reserve prop, along with the tools needed to fix the problem. The modular design allows the spare blades and tools to be stored easily, and make changing damage blades a simple 5 minute task. Customers also save 10% by purchasing as a kit.

Propulsion Kits Include:

A complete Piranha Propeller
A complete set of spare blades
A Piranha Propellers floating propwrench
Mesh storage bag

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