Piranha Propeller Benefits

Every once in a while someone comes up with a really bright idea, and Piranha Propellers did just that. Piranha propellers use an aluminum hub with tapered slots that take individual composite blades (nylon & long-strand glass fiber) that slide into the slots. How does that improve your boating experience? Here are 3 ways:

Replaceable Blades

The replaceable blades are manufactured from a specially formulated high-strength aerospace composite material that is stronger than aluminum and precision manufactured with a blade shape and pitch distribution superior to stainless steel and aluminum. Also, Piranha Propeller blades are balanced to 2 times the industry standard. Being replaceable, gone are the days you need to replace a complete prop due to a damaged blade. The blades weigh less than 1 lb. each can be easily stored on-board and a single blade can be changed in minutes, right on the water. Even 3 replacement blades are cheaper than a replacement prop. Stop using a damaged prop that can prematurely wear your lower-unit with a switch to Piranha.

Protects your lower-unit

The Piranha blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike or, in severe cases break off, which virtually eliminates lower unit damage. The industry-leading precise balancing of the Piranha blades also reduces lower unit damage that can be caused by the vibration of an unbalanced or damaged propeller.
Blades for all makes and models

Shopping for a quality propeller can be extremely challenging. Propeller designs come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our technical support team is available to assist in making the optimum propeller choice for your outboard or sterndrive. Piranha Propellers extensive product line will fit all sterndrive and outboard manufacturers from 9.9 to 280 HP.

And did we mention…

  • Non – corroding
  • Lifetime hub warranty
  • Repair and repitch in minutes
  • Models 9.9 to 280HP
  • Blade exchange program
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Call us at 1-866-621-7767 or use our Piranha Prop Finder and discover the Piranha advantage!

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