Most asked questions about boat propeller

What is the difference between a 3 blade propeller and a 4 blade propeller?
What is pitch?
What do the numbers mean 15×17 ?
Does materiel matter ? Stainless? composite? aluminum ? bronze ? Nibral ?
What is RPM at WOT?
What is the best hub design ?
What does cupping do ?
Should I get my propeller repaired ?
How do I make my RPM go up or down ?
What causes cavitation ?
What causes prop wash ?
What is rake and what does it do?
How do I get more bow or stern lift ?
What cause purposing ?
Should I lower or raise my outboard on the transom ?
What is flex and yield ?
What will give me my best value?

These are most of the questions we get asked when we are at the boats shows…Please e-mail me at
and I will be glade to answer any of questions for you

Denis Fournier
Ace propeller

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