Identifying propeller damage

As gas prices continue to creep up we are getting more and more enquiries from customers on how to improve performance with regards to fuel efficiency. The picture below shows a slightly damaged blade where the leading edge of the propeller has been damaged by running through some sand or gravel. The propeller blade edge should be filed smooth. There should be no dings or chips as these imperfections in the leading edge cause air bubbles and cavitation in the blades of the propeller and reduce performance by reducing the efficiency of the propeller. If the blade is too damaged it will have to be replaced as running a prop that is out of balance because of damaged blades can reduce performance and actually cause damage to the foot of your motor. At the end of the day this costs you at the gas pump or possibly at the repair shop! $$$
The Piranha propeller with the replaceable blade system is a great choice as you can replace one damaged blade at a time for a fraction of the cost of repairing an aluminum propeller or having to replace the propeller by buying a new one.

Inspect your prop regularly! It will save you money and ensure your boat is performing properly


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