How much should I spend on a boat propeller

I advise boaters to spend as much as it takes to get the right propeller for their boating application. Don’t be too concerned with prop costs because the biggest bang that you can get for the buck, when it comes to boat performance, is with the propeller.

Remember that a slightly incorrect type or size of propeller can seriously reduce several aspects of your boat’s performance.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should spend money unnecessarily. The answers to the remaining seven most commonly asked questions, should help you understand a lot more about propellers and to make a decision as to which propeller could be best for your own boat.

In looking at these questions keep in mind that propellers are always referred to by two numbers. The first number is the ‘diameter’, or straight line distance in inches, from a blade tip to the center of the of the hub, times two. The second number is the ‘pitch’, or theoretical distance in inches that the propeller would travel forward in one single revolution.

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