How High Altitude Will Affect Propeller Performance

If you boat at higher elevations, one of the first things you notice is decreased power. This is because air has less oxygen at higher elevations resulting in reduced performance. One way to compensate is by using a prop with a reduced pitch. This makes it easier for your engine to reach the correct RPM at wide-open-throttle.  The chart below will help you determine the recommended pitch for your boating altitude.

High Altitude and Recommended Prop Pitch

Altitude Pitch
3,000 ft -1
4,000 ft -2
5,000 ft -3
6,000 ft -4
7,000 ft -5
8,000 ft -6
9,000 ft -7

High Altitude and the Piranha Advantage

If you are trailering your boat from higher altitude lakes to coastal areas at sea level, correct prop pitch can be an issue. How many props can you carry? With the composite, modular design of Piranha, you can re-pitch your blades right on the water in minutes.

 Piranha propellers were developed with three things in mind: durability, performance and affordability. A key feature of the modular design is the ability to replace or re-pitch individual blades right on the water in minutes. You can change the diameter and the pitch, which saves on propeller repair costs. The composite material absorbs shock which minimizes potential damage to your gearcase. 

Piranha propellers are manufactured to fit all the major manufacturers of outboard and sterndrive engines from 9.9HP to 280 HP, ranging in years from 1972 to 2019. Our Piranha Prop finder will help you find the right prop for your engine.

For further sizing assistance you can call us at 1-866-621-7767 or, use our sizing request form.

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