Canada Propeller Exchange Policy

Replacement information – If you have a concern with propeller ‘sizing’:

Unlike many propeller companies, when a customer is not certain of required prop size, we will try to help by offering suggestions, based upon our broad experience. Because marine applications inherently require a ‘trial and error’ approach, we cannot be accountable for sizing suggestions offered. To help a customer who finds that the prop he purchased does not perform as well as his original, we go the extra distance by offering a 1-time exchange only up to thirty days from receipt of the propeller.

Shipping charges will apply.

Conditions that apply for an exchange are that the propeller must be clean (no carbon in the hub or blades) and in ‘like new’ condition. Since we only sell the best propeller products available, we offer exchanges and not returns.
For tech help, or to initiate an exchange, call us at 1-866-621-7767.

If an exchange is required we will minimize your down time as follows:

We send and bill to you:
A replacement propeller or blades plus shipping costs
An exchange authorization number
To avoid delays immediately return the propeller:
Affix the correct return address and authorization number to the outside of the first prop which you are sending to the warehouse
Ship the propeller prepaid and insured back to the supplier.
Once received at the warehouse, we will issue a refund for the prop you returned.
Note: If you are exchanging blades only it is not necessary to return the whole prop.
Our warehouse will not accept returns that do not have our return authorization number attached to the outside of the package.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

All exchanges are subject to replacement availability.

Warranty information – If you have a concern with a ‘defect’:

The warranties for products distributed by Canada Propeller are those offered at the time of purchase by the manufacturer in question.
Accordingly, such warranties are offered by and handled by the manufacturer directly.
As a distributor, we do not offer warranty, nor shall we be liable for damages of any kind.
Should you encounter any problems with one of the propellers distributed by us that you believe to be covered by warranty, please call at 1-866-621-7767 we’ll review the policy for the specific manufacturer and supply you with the manufacturer’s address.

Understandably, all propeller manufacturers specify that warranty does not apply to:

Labor, other than repair or replacement.

Propellers that have had misuse or neglect.

Grounding, Striking, Cavitation, or Corrosion.

Compensation for loss of use.

Modified or repaired propellers.

Any damage to boat, motor, or drive train.

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